Linux * 處理器微碼資料檔案

版本: 20180703 (先前發佈的) 日期: 2018/7/3


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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3*
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2*
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8*
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Intel Processor Microcode Package for Linux

CPU microcode is a mechanism to correct certain errata in existing systems.

The normal preferred method to apply microcode updates is using the system

BIOS, but for a subset of Intel's processors this can be done at runtime

using the operating system. This package contains those processors that

support OS loading of microcode updates.

The target users for this package are OS vendors such as Linux distributions

for inclusion in their OS releases. Intel recommends getting the microcode

using the OS vendor update mechanism. Expert users can of course update their

microcode directly outside the OS vendor mechanism. This method is complex and

thus could be error prone.

Microcode is best loaded from the BIOS. Certain microcode must only be applied

from the BIOS. Such processor microcode updates are never packaged in this

package since they are not appropriate for OS distribution. An OEM may receive

microcode packages that might be a superset of what is contained in this


OS vendors may choose to also update microcode that kernel can consume for early

loading. For example, Linux can update processor microcode very early in the kernel

boot sequence. In situations when the BIOS update isn't available, early loading

is the next best alternative to updating processor microcode. Microcode states

are reset on a power reset; hence, it is required to be updated every time during the

boot process.

Loading microcode using the initrd method is recommended so that the microcode

is loaded at the earliest time for best coverage. Systems that cannot tolerate

downtime may use the late reload method to update a running system without a


== About Processor Signature, Family, Model, Stepping and Platform ID ==

Processor signature is a number identifying the model and version of a

Intel processor. It can be obtained using the CPUID instruction, and can

also be obtained via the command lscpu or from the content of /proc/cpuinfo.

It's usually presented as 3 fields: Family, Model and Stepping.

(In the table of updates below, they are shorten as F, MO and S.)

The width of Family/Model/Stepping is 12/8/4bit, but when arranged in the

32bit processor signature raw data is like 0FFM0FMS, hexadecimal.

e.g. if a processor signature is 0x000906eb, it means

Family=0x006, Model=0x9e and Stepping=0xb

A processor product can be implemented for multiple types of platforms,

So in MSR(17H), Intel processors have a 3bit Platform ID field,

that can specify a platform type from at most 8 types.

A microcode file for a specified processor model can support multiple

platforms, so the Platform ID of a microcode (shorten as PI in the table)

is a 8bit mask, each set bit indicates a platform type that it supports.

One can find the platform ID on Linux using rdmsr from msr-tools.

== Microcode update instructions ==

-- intel-ucode/ --

intel-ucode directory contains binary microcode files named in

family-model-stepping pattern. The file is supported in most modern Linux

distributions. It's generally located in the /lib/firmware directory,

and can be updated through the microcode reload interface.

To update early loading initrd, consult your distribution on how to package

microcode files for early loading. Some distros use update-initramfs or dracut.

As recommended above, please use the OS vendors are recommended method to ensure

microcode file is updated for early loading before attempting the late-load

procedure below.

To update the intel-ucode package to the system, one need:

1. Ensure the existence of /sys/devices/system/cpu/microcode/reload

2. Copy intel-ucode directory to /lib/firmware, overwrite the files in


3. Write the reload interface to 1 to reload the microcode files, e.g.

echo 1 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/microcode/reload

If you are using the OS vendor method to update microcode, the above steps may

have been done automatically during the update process.

-- intel-ucode-with-caveats/ --

This directory holds microcode that might need special handling.

BDX-ML microcode is provided in directory, because it need special commits in

the Linux kernel, otherwise, updating it might result in unexpected system


OS vendors must ensure that the late loader patches (provided in

linux-kernel-patches\) are included in the distribution before packaging the

BDX-ML microcode for late-loading.

== 20180703 Release ==

-- Updates upon 20180425 release --

Processor Identifier Version Products

Model Stepping F-MO-S/PI Old->New

---- updated platforms ------------------------------------

SNB-EP C1 6-2d-6/6d 0000061c->0000061d Xeon E5

SNB-EP C2 6-2d-7/6d 00000713->00000714 Xeon E5

IVT C0 6-3e-4/ed 0000042c->0000042d Xeon E5 v2; Core i7-4960X/4930K/4820K

IVT D1 6-3e-7/ed 00000713->00000714 Xeon E5 v2

HSX-E/EP/4S C0 6-3f-2/6f 0000003c->0000003d Xeon E5 v3

HSX-EX E0 6-3f-4/80 00000011->00000012 Xeon E7 v3

SKX-SP/D/W/X H0 6-55-4/b7 02000043->0200004d Xeon Bronze 31xx, Silver 41xx, Gold 51xx/61xx Platinum 81xx, D/W-21xx; Core i9-7xxxX

BDX-DE A1 6-56-5/10 0e000009->0e00000a Xeon D-15x3N

---- intel-ucode-with-caveats/ ----------------------------

BDX-ML B/M/R0 6-4f-1/ef 0b00002c->0b00002e Xeon E5/E7 v4; Core i7-69xx/68xx



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This Agreement is in the English language only, which language shall be controlling in all respects, and all versions of this Agreement in any other language shall be for accommodation only and shall not be binding on you or Intel. All communications and notices made or given pursuant to this Agreement, and all documentation and support to be provided, unless otherwise noted, shall be in the English language.

此 "合約" 僅以英文撰寫,此語文版本涵蓋各個層面,此 "合約" 的其他任何語文版本只是為了方便閱讀而加以提供,對您或 Intel 不具任何約束。所有伴隨此 "合約" 而達成或指定的溝通或注意事項,以及所有文件以及應提供的支援,除非另有聲明,否則均應以英文為準。

INTEL 軟體授權合約

重要 - 複製、安裝或使用之前請先閱讀本合約。請先仔細閱讀下列條款和條件,再使用或載入本軟體及所有相關的資料 (以下合稱 "軟體")。裝載或使用本軟體,表示您同意合約中條款。如果不同意,請勿安裝或使用本 "軟體"。

授權:請注意:- 如果您是網路管理員,則適用於以下的 "站台授權"。- 如果您是一般使用者,則適用於 "單一使用者授權"。- 如果您是原始設備製造商 (OEM),則適用於 "OEM 授權"。

站台授權。您可將本 "軟體" 複製到貴公司的電腦,以作為公司內部使用,並在遵守以下條件的情況下製作合理數量的 "軟體" 備份副本:

1. 本 "軟體" 的授權僅限於配合 Intel 元件產品使用。若使用本 "軟體" 搭配非 Intel 元件產品,則無法據以獲得授權。2. 除非本合約提供之外,否則您不可以複製、修改、租出、販售、散佈或轉送軟體的任何部分,而且需同意防止未授權的軟體複製。3. 您不得對 "軟體" 進行反向工程、解編或反向組譯。4. 您不可以再授權或允許超過一個使用者同時使用軟體。5. 軟體


1. 本 "軟體" 的授權僅限於配合 Intel 元件產品使用。若使用本 "軟體" 搭配非 Intel 元件產品,則無法據以獲得授權。2. 除非本合約提供之外,否則您不可以複製、修改、租出、販售、散佈或轉送軟體的任何部分,而且需同意防止未授權的軟體複製。3. 您不得對 "軟體" 進行反向工程、解編或反向組譯。4. 您不可以再授權或允許超過一個使用者同時使用軟體。5. 軟體

OEM 授權:您可以重製並發佈本 "軟體",但僅限作為產品的整合部分或結合產品,或是針對現有產品的一般使用者 (不含任何其他獨立產品) 所作的獨立 "軟體" 維護更新,並且遵守以下條件:

1. 本 "軟體" 的授權僅限於配合 Intel 元件產品使用。若使用本 "軟體" 搭配非 Intel 元件產品,則無法據以獲得授權。2. 除非本合約提供之外,否則您不可以複製、修改、租出、販售、散佈或轉送軟體的任何部分,而且需同意防止未授權的軟體複製。3. 您不得對 "軟體" 進行反向工程、解編或反向組譯。4. 您只能依據書面授權合約,將 "軟體" 發佈給您的客戶。此授權合約得為 "開封即表示同意" 授權合約。至少,此一授權應維護 Intel 的 "軟體" 所有權。5. 軟體

無其他權限。除本 "合約" 明確陳述以外,不論明示或默示,Intel 都不會授予您任何與所有權資訊或專利權、著作權、光罩作品、商標、商業機密或其他 Intel 所擁有或控制之智慧財產權相關的權限或授權。

軟體的所有權與著作權。"軟體" 所有副本之所有權仍屬 Intel 或其供應商所有。本軟體具有著作權並受美國及其他國家的法律,以及國際公約條款保護。您不可從軟體移除任何著作權注意事項。Intel 可對軟體或其中參考項目作改變,恕不另行通知,但不強制支援或更新軟體。除了其他方面明白提供之外,在 Intel 專利、著作權、商標或其他智慧財產權之下,Intel 不允許任何明示或默示的權利。只有在接受者同意完全受這些條款約束,以及如果您未保留軟體複本時,才可移轉軟體。

有限媒體保固。若 Intel 係以實體媒體遞送「軟體」,Intel 保證自遞送之日起九十天內,該媒體絕無材料實體之瑕疵。如果發現這類的瑕疵,請將媒體退回 Intel 更換,或者如 Intel 選擇將軟體另外運送。

其他保固之免除。除了上述條件之外,本軟體以 "原狀" 提供,並不做任何形式的明示或默示擔保,包括商業適售性、不侵害他人權益或適合某特定用途之擔保。對於 "軟體" 包含之資訊、文字、圖形、連結或其他項目的正確性或完整性,Intel 不提供任何保證亦不承擔任何責任。

責任的限制。即使已建議 INTEL 會有這種損害的可能性,INTEL 或其供應商對於任何出自於使用或無法使用軟體的損害皆不負責任(包括,但不限於,利益損失、商業間斷或資訊損失)。對於默示擔保或重大或意外損害,有些司法管轄權會禁止責任的免除或限制,所以上述限制可能不適合您。您也可以有其他合法權利,隨不同的司法管轄權而改變。

合約終止。若您違反本 "合約" 之條款,Intel 得隨時終止 "合約"。合約終止後,您要立刻銷毀軟體或將所有軟體副本交還 Intel。

適用法律。本合約之聲明將由加州法律支配,但在貨物銷售之合約中不包括法律衝突及聯合國公約的原則。您不能違反應用輸出法及規定將本軟體輸出。除非用書面並由 Intel 授權的代表簽署,否則在其他任何合約下無法強制約束 Intel。

政府有限權利。本軟體提供有 "限制權利"。政府之使用、複製或公開必須遵守 FAR52.227-14 和 DFAR252.227-7013 及其後的條例或其後續規定所設限制之規範。政府對本軟體的使用在此構成 Intel 專利權確認。"承包商" 或 "製造商" 為 Intel 2200 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95052。











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