Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox

版本: 3.2.3 (最新的)
日期: 2014/07/22
大小: 40.59 MB
語言: 英文
作業系統: Windows 7 *, Windows 8*, Windows 8.1*, Windows Server 2008 R2*, Windows Vista *, Windows XP *
版本: 3.2.3 (最新的)
日期: 2011/10/14
大小: 0.18 MB
語言: 其他語系
作業系統: Windows 7 *, Windows 8*, Windows Vista *, Windows XP *


The Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox (Intel® SSD Toolbox) is drive management software that allows you to:


  * View current drive information for Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs), including:
       - Model number, capacity, and firmware version
       - Drive health
       - Estimated drive life remaining
       - SMART attributes (also available for hard disk drives and non-Intel® SSDs)
       - Identify Device information (also available for hard disk drives and non-Intel SSDs)
  * Optimize the performance of an Intel SSD using Trim functionality
  * Optimize the performance of an Intel SSD in RAID 0 using Trim functionality Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) 11.0 or greater.
     NOTE: Trim on RAID 0 is not supported on Windows 8* or Windows Server 2012
  * Obtain proactive notifications of new Intel® SSD Toolbox software versions for Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems
  * Update the firmware on a supported Intel SSD
  * Run quick and full diagnostic scans to test the read and write functionality of an Intel SSD
  * Check and tune your system settings for optimal Intel SSD performance, power efficiency, and endurance
  * View your system information and hardware configuration, such as central processing unit (CPU),
     chipset, controller name, and driver versions
  * Run Secure Erase on a secondary Intel SSD


For non-Windows users requiring firmware updates, please visit the Intel® Solid-State Drive Firmware Update Tool.


Before beginning the Intel SSD Toolbox installation, review the Release Notes and follow the instructions in the Installation Guide. A Frequently Asked Questions document is also available for your reference.


If you need assistance with the installation or experience issues, contact Intel Customer Support.


NOTE:  Installing this version of the Intel SSD Toolbox overwrites any previous version of Intel SSD Toolbox installed in your system.


The Intel SSD Toolbox supports firmware updates on the following Intel SSDs, but only provides firmware updates when they are needed:


                                   Intel® Solid-State Drive                       Latest Firmware Version

                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 310 Series                              2CV102M3
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 311 Series                              2CV102M5
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 320 Series                              4PC10362
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 330 Series                              300i
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 335 Series                              335u
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 510 Series                              PPG2 or PPG4  (120GB SSD)
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 510 Series                              PWG2 or PWG4 (250GB SSD
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 520 Series                              400i
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 530 Series M.2                        DC31
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 530 Series 2.5"                       DC32
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 530 Series mSATA                   DC33
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive Pro 2500 Series                      TG20
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 710 Series                              6PB10362
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive 730 Series                              0420
                          Intel® X18-M / X25-M SATA SSDs (34nm)                    2CV102M3
                          Intel® X18-M / X25-M SATA SSDs (50nm)                     8820
                          Intel® X25-E SATA SSDs                                             8850
                          Intel® X25-V SATA SSD                                              2CV102M3
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive DC S3500                               0370
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive DC S3700                               0270
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive DC S3610                               0100
                          Intel® Solid-State Drive DC S3710                               0100