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Description Type OS Version Date
Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® Processors N3000 Product Families I/O Drivers - Windows 7* (34-bit and 64- bit)

Downloads Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® Processor N3000 Product Families Windows 7* I/O Drivers (32-bit and 64-bit).

Drivers Windows 7* 1
Software: Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)

Provides software: Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) 2.0.0.

SDK OS Independent 2.0.0
Software: AES CBC Encrypt/Decrypt for Sandy Bridge

Source Code: AES CBC Encrypt Multibuffer / Decrypt Single Buffer optimized for Sandy Bridge (1).

Software Applications OS Independent 1
Translation of PowerPC*/AltiVec* SIMD Macros to IA-32/SSE - SW

Software: Modified tool version using the same interface and targeting Intel® processors with the Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 (Intel® SSE4) level of SIMD support (1.2).

Firmware OS Independent 1.2
Intel® 80331 I/O Processor OrCAD* Library Symbol: Schematic

Contains the OrCAD* library symbols for the Intel® 80331 I/O Processor, A through E. (v.1, July 2004).

Software Applications OS Independent 1
Intel® 80331 I/O Processor Allegro Layout Symbol: Schematic

Contains the Allegro layout symbol for the Intel® 80331 I/O Processor. (v.1, June 2004).

Software Applications OS Independent 1
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