Firmware Image [IR1_FW24202R07A.ZIP]

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Version: 2.42.02-R07A (Latest)
Date: 01/05/2005
Size: 1.11 MB
Language: English
Operating Systems: DOS, OS Independent

Detailed Description

This download contains the firmware image for the Intel® RAID Controllers (SRCU42L, SRCS14L, SRCZCR, and SRCU32).

The Firmware update utility is not incorporated in this download and must be applied using the OS version of the StorCon utility for the firmware update utility (FRUU).

It may not be possible to apply this update using the Xrom (cntl+g) version of StorCon to a controller with older firmware. The use of an OS (DOS, Windows*, or Linux*) version of StorCon or the FRU utility may be used.

This firmware supports both the "normal" and "recovery" update modes. If the RAID controller firmware is corrupted, you must move the recovery jumper on your controller to the recovery position in order to apply this update.

The Intel® Server RAID Controller SRCU32 does not have a recovery jumper and the FRU utility must be used in normal mode.


- src_rxfw.07a Firmware image for the SRCU42L, SRCS14L, SRCZCR, and SRCU32


To perform an update using the firmware recovery utility, follow steps below:

1. Download the FRU utility and extract it to a floppy diskette by running the extract.bat file.

2. Download and extract the firmware image file to a floppy diskette.

3. If the recovery option is used, remove power (unplug the power cords) from the target system, move the recovery jumper on the RAID controller from the "normal" position to the "recovery" position, and install in the target system.

4. Re-apply power and boot the target system to the FRU disk mentioned in step 1.

5. The system will present a menu that lists the installed raid card and prompt for the firmware file needed.

6. Insert the firmware diskette mentioned in step 2.

7. Press the number key associated with your RAID controller as displayed on the menu (usually the number 0 unless you have more than one RAID card installed).

8. The Firmware will be programmed into the RAID controller; when completed you will be prompted to exit.

9. If the jumper was changed in step 3, power down the target system and remove power (unplug the power cords).

10. Move the recovery jumper on the RAID controller back to the "normal" position.

11. Reinstall the RAID controller, re-apply power, and boot the system.

To perform the update using the StorCon Utility, follow the steps below:

1. Boot to an OS and run the OS version of StorCon.

2. Press enter to select the controller.

3. Press the F4 key for advanced functions.

4. Select the Configure controller option.

5. Insert the floppy containing the firmware image file into the floppy drive.

6. Select the update firmware option.

7. Press enter to confirm the firmware check.

8. Press "Y" to confirm the update.

9. Do not interupt the firmware update process. Reboot the system when the update completes.