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Version: (Previously Released) Date: 4/27/2020

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Windows 10, 64-bit*

Multi language

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Windows 10, 64-bit*

Multi language

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Detailed Description

04/29/20 Update 

Reports of OEM errors are still occurring during installation. The majority, if not all of these, are due to the current driver on the system is non-DCH. This update will only install over OEM DCH drivers. If this occurs, follow these instructions:

WARNING: This will remove any OEM customizations. If the OEM does not have a DCH driver available, it’s likely no customizations will be reinstalled by Windows Update after you upgrade to 100.8141. If you experience any issues such as flickering, BSOD, TDR, etc, please reinstall the latest OEM driver.

  1. Verify you're on a supported Processor generation and OS version
  2. Disconnect the internet connection so Windows Update won't automatically reinstall a previous OEM driver.
  3. Open Device Manager > Display Adapters > right-click [Intel Graphics] > Uninstall Device

    1. Important: Check-mark "delete the driver software for this device"

  4. Right-click anywhere in device manager > select Scan for Hardware Changes

    1. Note: Many older versions can be stored on the system to roll back to

  5. If another Intel Graphics is reinstalled, repeat 3 & 4 until Basic Display Adapter is shown, not the Intel driver.
  6. Reboot
  7. Install 100.8141
  8. Reboot and reconnect internet
  9. Verify 100.8141 is installed in Device Manager
  10. Run Windows Update in case there are OEM customizations to reinstall

WARNING: Installing this Intel generic graphics driver will overwrite your Computer Manufacturer (OEM) customized driver. OEM drivers are handpicked and include customized features and solutions to platform-specific issues. The generic Intel driver provides users the latest and greatest feature enhancements and bug fixes that OEMs may not have customized yet to address platform-specific needs. Users can check for matching OEM versions at OEM websites.

Any graphics issues found using Intel generic graphics drivers should be reported directly to Intel. Corporate customers should always use OEM drivers and report all issues through the vendor they purchased the platforms and support through.


Gears Tactics* and XCOM: Chimera Squad* verified playable on Intel® Iris® Plus graphics or better.

Unlocked drivers: We heard how much our users want the freedom to upgrade their systems to our regularly released generic graphics drivers and enable our latest game enhancements, feature updates, and fixes. As of this release, Intel Graphics DCH drivers are now unlocked to upgrade freely between Computer Manufacturer (OEM) drivers and the Intel generic graphics drivers on Download Center. Simply use the exe and enjoy the update on your 6th Generation Intel Processor platform or higher, and don’t worry about your OEM customizations--they remain intact with each upgrade and the OEMs can maintain customizations separately via Microsoft* Windows Update. See the Release Notes section *for important information about this update.

Developer highlights

OneAPI Level Zero Runtime*i pre-production release is now included. Please refer to the specification below.

Be sure to check out, where you’ll find recommended game settings for many more of your favorite PC games.

Install the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant, which automatically checks for drivers on a regular basis and can provide notifications when new drivers are available.

This is a DCH driver. Click for more information about DCH drivers.

Supported OS versions

  • Microsoft Windows® 10-64 - Fall Creators Update (1709)(RS3)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 - April 2018 Update (1803)(RS4)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 - October 2018 Update (1809)(RS5)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 – May 2019 Update (1903)(19H1)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 – November 2019 Update (1909)(19H2)


  • Self-installing format (.exe) is the easiest installation method and our recommendation.
  • Manual installation format (.zip) is intended for developers and IT professionals.

See the ReleaseNotes for installation instructions, supported hardware, and more.

About Intel® software and drivers

The driver or software for your Intel® component might have been changed or replaced by the computer manufacturer. We recommend you work with your computer manufacturer before installing our driver so you don’t lose features or customizations.

See a list of computer manufacturer support websites.

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