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Publications for Intel® True Scale Fabric Suite for installing, upgrading, configuring, verifying, and managing InfiniBand Clusters.


Intel® True Scale Fabric Host Channel Adapter Drivers and Software Stack OFED+ v3.12-1
Intel FastFabric Toolset
Intel Fabric Manager
For additional details, see Release Notes and supporting documentation


Intel® True Scale Fabric Suite Fabric Viewer graphical interface for managing InfiniBand Fabrics (v7.
Windows Version
Linux Version




For use with:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (64-bit)
SuSE Enterprise Linux (64-bit)
For complete list of Operating Environments Supported, see Release Notes


Compatible with:
QLE7340, QLE7342, QME7342, QME7362, QMH7342


To access the software visit contains:
IFS_ReleaseNotes_H90075_v740021.pdf                            IFS Release Notes
FabricViewer_ReleaseNotes_H90076_01_v74002.pdf           Fabric Viewer Release Notes
TrueScaleFabricAdapter_HWInstallGuide_G91929_04.pdf     Hardware Installation Guide
OFED_Host_Software_UserGuide_G91902_06.pdf               OFED+ Host Software User Guide
IFS_FabricSW_InstallationGuide_G91921_05.pdf                 Fabric Software Installation Guide
IFS_FastFabric_CLI_ReferenceGuide_G91904_04.pdf           FastFabric CLI Reference Guide
IFS_FastFabric_UserGuide_G91916_04.pdf                         FastFabric User Guide
IFS_FabricManager_UserGuide_G91918_04.pdf                   Fabric Manager User Guide
IFS_SW_License_Agreement_H13243_002.pdf                    End User License Agreement (EULA)
True_Scale_Products_ThirdParty_Readme_H13245_004.pdf Third Party Readme


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