Intel vPro Technology Use Case Reference Design - CIRA Ref Architecture

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Version: 1.2 (Latest)
Date: 04/23/2013
Size: 2.09 MB
Language: English
Operating Systems: Windows 7*, Windows 8*

Detailed Description

Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) provides a capability for Intel® vPro™ technology systems located outside the enterprise firewall, to establish a secure connection back into your organization. Once this secure connection is authenticated and established, Intel vPro Ultrabooks, notebooks or desktops can be managed using Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) as if they were on the corporate network, even when powered off or with a failed operating system or system drive.

Remote Access is the term describing Fast Call for Help (CIRA), Remote Scheduled Maintenance and Remote Alerts from outside the firewall. Fast Call for Help can also be requested from inside the firewall (CILA).

This document captures the components and requirements to implement a solution that leverages Intel vPro platform technologies and provides a secure Internet-facing service that is capable of identifying, authorizing and communicating with remote Intel vPro technology systems using the Fast Call For Help interface.

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