Intel® vPro™ Technology module for Windows* PowerShell Version 3.2.2

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Version: 3.2.2 (Previously Released)
Date: 07/11/2012
Size: 0.89 MB
Language: English
Operating Systems: Windows 7*, Windows Vista*, Windows XP*
Version: 3.2.2 (Previously Released)
Date: 07/13/2012
Size: 7.29 MB
Language: English
Operating Systems: Windows 7*, Windows Vista*, Windows XP*

Detailed Description

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Microsoft's* implementation of Windows* PowerShell allows IT professionals to achieve greater control and productivity of their environment through a powerful command line shell and scripting language.

Within this scripting language's consistent syntax and utilities the PowerShell Module for Intel® vPro™ Technology will allow IT professionals to extend their PowerShell reach to include direct manageability of Intel® Core vPro™ Processor clients independent of power state or Operating System health.

This release of the PowerShell Module for Intel® vPro™ Technology includes the following features in addition to all the features from prior releases:

·            Fixes in the AMTGUI

·            The -TLS switch is correctly not processed handled when calling a generic button.
·            IDER paths always have quotation marks around them so ISO images can be in locations that have spaces in the paths
·            Get-AMThardwareasset.ps1 fixes
·            When passing in multiple systems to Get-AMThardwareasset.ps1 the output is formatted correctly.
·            Fixed multithreaded IMRSDK blocking issues
·            The IMRSDK features of the module can now be used in a multithreaded environment.
·            The Module can now be loaded in multi-threaded environments correctly.
·            Fixed signing issues
·            Get-AMTMPSStatus.ps1 is now correctly signed

Known Issues in the 3.2.2 release

·     The Windows* PowerShell Module for Intel® vPro™ Technology requires PowerShell 2.0 and WinRM 2.0 to function properly.  These are provided automatically with Windows 7* and Windows Server 2008* R2.  For earlier versions of Microsoft Windows*. Refer to the kb article located at the following website: .

·     Remote Configuration is not supported from a Windows XP* based console. Windows XP does not send the full certificate chain Intel® Active Management Technology expects resulting in a trust error.  Windows 7*, Server 2003*, and Server 2008* all support the protocol, however Server 2003 requires a hotfix KB960804.

·     The PowerShell Drive Provider feature works only on Intel® vPro™ clients with Intel® Active Management Technology v3.2 or greater.

·     The UUID reported from systems with AMT firmware 5.1 is incorrect. The first three words have their bytes reversed.

·     AMT AlarmClock driveprovider is read-only.

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