Firmware update package for Intel® Modular Server Systems MFSYS25 and MFSYS35

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Available Downloads

Version: 6.10 (Latest)
Date: 04/12/2012
Size: 58.22 MB
Language: English
Operating Systems: OS Independent

Detailed Description

Please note step 25 under "Complete BIOS Update" in the Release Notes.

The SAS Initiator ID may change after an update to Unified Firmware Update 6.0.

Update supported from version 2.7 and later.
After updating to UFU V6.10, a roll back to a previous UFU version is not supported.

UFU V6.10 and prior release cannot be used in a MFSYS25V2 chassis. The MFSYS25V2 chassis can only use Unified Firmware Update V10.1 and later.