RAID WEB Console 2 Utility for Windows*

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Version: (Previously Released)
Date: 07/20/2012
Size: 37.26 MB
Language: English
Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Server*, Windows 7*, Windows Server 2003*, Windows Server 2008*, Windows Vista*, Windows XP*

Detailed Description

This download supports LSI(R) RAID controllers using SAS software stack (RMS25PB080, RMS25PB040,RMT3PB080, RMS25CB080, RMS25CB040, RMT3CB080, RMS25CB080N,MS25PB080N, RS25AB080, RS25SB008, RS25DB080, RS25NB008, RS2VB080, RS2VB040, RT3WB080, SRCSAS18E, SRCSAS144E, SROMBSAS18E, SRCSASJV, SRCSASRB, SRCSATAWB, SROMBSASFC, SROMBSASMP2, SROMBSASMR, SRCSASPH16I, SRCSASBB8I, SRCSASLS4I, RS2WC040, RS2WC080, RS2SG244, RS2WG160, RMS2MH080, RMS2AF080, RMS2AF040, RS2MB044, RS2BL080, RS2BL080DE, RS2BL040, RS2PI008DE and RS2PI008), Intel ITIR RAID products (Intel(R) RAID controller SASUC8I, SASWT4I, RMS2LL080, RMS2LL040 and AXX4SASMOD, RMS25KB080, RMS25KB040, RMS25JB080, RMS25JB040), Intel(R) RAID SAS controller FALSASMP2(supports S5000PAL/S5000XAL and S5520UR without RAID activation key AXXRAKSAS2 installed); Intel(R) RAID SAS Riser controller AFCSASRISER in Intel(R) Server System S7000FC4UR without RAID Activation Key AXXRAKSAS2 installed) and Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II RAID products (Intel(R) Server Boards which are C600/C200 Chipset Based, Intel(R) RAID controller SASMF8I; Intel(R) RAID SAS controller AXX4SASMOD; on server boards enabled for ICH9R SATA RAID, ICH10R SATA RAID, S5000 (ESB2) SATA RAID, LSI1064e/1068 SAS RAID - including S1200KP/ S1200BTS/ S1200BTL/ S2600JF/ S2600WP/ S1600JP/ S2600GL/S2600GZ/ S2600IP/ S2600CP/ S2600CO/ S2600KI/ W2600CR/ S3200SH/S3210SH, X38ML, S5400SF, S7000FC4UR, S5000PAL / S5000XAL, S5000PSL / S5000XSL / S5000XVN / SC5400RA, S5000VSA, S5000VCL / SR1530HCL, S5520WB12V / S5520WB / S5500WB, S5520HC / S5500HCV / S5500HCT, S5520UR / S5520URT, S5520SC, S3420GP), please ensure that this utility has been tested with the RAID card you have chosen to use by checking the drivers web page for your controller at

This utility uses 5571 or 3071 as multicast listening ports, please make sure these ports are NOT blocked by firewall utility for RWC2 remote connection.

Please refer to the Readme file for detail information.

For complete installation steps please refer to the product's Software User Guide.

The software may contain open source software. The associated open source licenses are included with the driver package.

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