Intel® Deployment Assistant CD - CD build for S5000VSA

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Available Downloads

Version: 011 (Latest)
Date: 05/25/2010
Size: 611.17 MB
Language: English
Operating Systems: OS Independent

Detailed Description

This download is an iso image of the Intel® Deployment Assistant 2.5.3 CD for the Intel® Server Board S5000VSA.  

Extract the file into a temporary directory. Use a CD burning utility to extract the contents of the ISO image to a Blank CD Media.

The Intel® Deployment Toolkit CD 2 features three sets of resources to assist in configuring your Intel® Server Board S5000VSA:

- This CD is bootable and will launch the Intel® Deployment Assistant Wizard which provides options to upgrade and configure the BIOS and firmware plus the option to launch an unattended OS installation including on-board drivers. The Intel® Deployment Assistant will also allow configuration of the Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II controllers and add-in Intel® SAS RAID Controllers. The Intel® Deployment Assistant Version 2.5 also allows updates and configurations to be saved for additional use on any Intel® Server Board S5000VSA.

- If viewed from a web browser, this CD provides technical drivers, utilities and documentation

- This CD also contains a DOS .ISO image that can be used to create DOS bootable media with selected DOS utilities.

The Software contains open source software. The associated open source licenses are included with the source code.

The open source code for Intel® Deployment Assistant is available for download.  Copy and paste the following url into your browser's address window :