Firmware Update Package for DOS

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Available Downloads

Version: 88;63;46 (Previously Released)
Date: 04/21/2008
Size: 2.55 MB
Language: English
Operating Systems: DOS, OS Independent

Detailed Description

This download contains BIOS and Firmware updates for the Intel® Server Board S5000PSL, S5000XSL, S5000XVN and SC5400RA for use with a bootable DOS media.

Requirement : The system needs to be running BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR40a or later prior to updating to this package.

This package contains the following firmware versions:


BMC 63


Follow the instructions exactly as written. A complete and successful update will take approximately 20 minutes.

- Copy all system update files to a bootable DOS USB Disk-on-key device. For quick tips on creating a bootable DOS USB Disk-On-Key Device, follow this link.

- Verify processor(s) and memory DIMMs are installed in the system

- Plug in AC power cord

- Wait until Status LED stops blinking red/green (~30 seconds)

- Insert bootable DOS USB Disk-on-Key into USB Port (Front or Rear)

- Power on system using "Power" button on Control Panel

A short audio/video demo is also available guiding the user on how to perform the update process.

Note: Please read the release note for information on the system requirements, how to run the update package and what batch files are needed to be ran to complete the update process.

Important Note : Please do not use this firmware pack on the Intel® Storage Server SSR212MC2, this firmware pack is not designed to run on the said server.

Note: This file may not be the latest version available for your product. Please click on your product listed below for additional available downloads.