Intel® Integrator Assistant

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Version: (Current)
Date: 04/13/2009
Size: 8.86 MB
Language: English
Operating Systems: Windows Vista 32*, Windows XP Home Edition*, Windows XP Media Center Edition*, Windows XP Professional*

Detailed Description

The Intel® Integrator Assistant software application is a Microsoft* Windows* based system configuration tool, that is designed for professional system integrators who need to customize Intel Desktop Boards using an Intel processor and chipset. The Intel Integrator Assistant easily customizes a subset of BIOS settings (for booting, device management, power, and security). It also aids in setting asset management values, updating system BIOS, adding a custom logo for branding, and providing a unique BIOS splash screen image. Customization work is done using a workspace and configuration file that can be transported to other similar target computers.

For additional information, refer to the Intel® Integrator Assistant home page.