Intel® vPro™ Use Case Reference Design - Remote Drive Mounting
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Intel® vPro™ technology gives the Information Technology (IT) professional the capability to remotely boot a managed client with Intel vPro technology to a remote ISO image file. The procedure described in this document remotely boots a small Linux* OS on the remote managed client and then exports the drive as an iSCSI target to a remote system. Once booted on the client, the ISO passes a Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) username and random password back to the management console over the secured SOL session. Using iSCSI Initiator, the remote client's shared hard drive can then be mounted at the block level to the management console's file system as if it were physically located in the console system. This allows the IT professional to perform low level actions on the remote client's hard drive from the console system, such as reformatting or imaging the remote client's hard drive. This process works regardless of the state of the remote client's operating system.

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