Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2 System Update Package (BIOS 8.10; IMM 0.47; FRUSDR 6.6.3; HSC_SATA 1.08; HSC_SCSI 1.06) [SE7520JR2_SUP_2005-06-08.EXE]
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8.10; 0.47; 6.6.3
4.59 MB
Operating Systems:
DOS, OS Independent

Detailed Description

This download contains the System Update Package for the Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2.

This release includes the following components. Users should read all release notes in detail prior to performing the updates.

The release notes are located in each of the sub-directories of each update package (e.g. \BIOS).

- BIOS Version: P08.10 Build 081

- Intel® Management Module (IMM) 0.47 - Please use only if you have an IMM option installed.

- Field Replacement User Sensor Data Records Version: 6.6.3

- Intel® Server Chassis SR1400 1U SATA FW 1.08

- Intel® Server Chassis SR1400 1U SCSI FW 1.06

- Intel® Server Chassis SR2400 2U SATA FW 1.08

- Intel® Server Chassis SR2400 2U SCSI FW 1.06

This download is valid for the product(s) listed below.
Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2
Intel® Server Chassis SR1400
Intel® Server Chassis SR1450
Intel® Server Chassis SR2400
Intel® Server System SR1400SYS
Intel® Server System SR2400SYS
Intel® Server System SR2400SYSD2